Contact Domination

A victim possessed by the killer doll’s Gaze Compulsion that comes into physical contact with the doll must immediately make an opposed Willpower roll against the doll’s roll of 10(5). If the victim rolls more successes than the doll, they are not under any additional compulsion, although they are still infected from the doll’s gaze and must make another Willpower roll any time they come in contact with the doll. If the killer doll rolls more successes than the victim, the victim must obey the doll’s telepathic commands for as long as contact is maintained.

The victim can make a new Willpower roll every turn in an attempt to regain control. If the killer doll’s roll is more than double that of the possessed victim, they are controlled until the killer doll switches victims, even without physical contact. While their telepathic contact with a completely dominated victim is weakened somewhat by distance, the doll’s whispers quieter perhaps, they are no less compelling nor is the victim’s obsession with the doll any less. The killer doll’s roll suffers the same range penalties as Telepathy (Secrets of the Surface World, pgs. 44-45).

see Killer Doll
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