Killer Dolls

By Sean Gore

It may be a shell for an ancient evil spirit or a malevolent alien presence. Perhaps it is a miniature golem empowered by the wicked soul of its creator. Or maybe it is an insidious weapon from a ancient, forgotten culture. Regardless, the seemingly innocuous item known as the “killer doll” is an item of tremendous power.

The killer doll is actually more of artifact than creature, turning the victims it possesses into monsters. Its origin might be found anywhere in the world — it could just as easily be of African make as American, European, Asian, or even Atlantean. Similarly, the materials in its construction vary widely, from clay and stone to cloth or even papier-mâché. The materials used are irrelevant: the creator’s intent and the vile creation ritual they perform imbue the doll power far beyond its seemingly fragile design.

Each doll is unique in appearance, be it an ancient terra-cotta statuette or an intricate, clockwork mannequin. All, however, share the trait of an ever-watching, soulless gaze. For some, this gaze is mesmerizing, while others find it terrifying — it is this gaze that possesses or haunts.

When the eyes of a killer doll are looked into, its dark powers pull at the soul. This has one of two distinct effects: curious attraction or outright repulsion – there is no ambivalent reaction to these creations. Those that are repulsed seek to distance themselves from the doll, to get it out of sight and, hopefully, out of mind. Those that are attracted to it find the desire to have it in their possession at all times.

Children are more susceptible to the doll’s charms, plus the malevolent spirit within seems to know that a child will not look quite so foolish carrying a doll with them everywhere they go.

Once attraction is established, the doll creates a link to its victim that is solidified through continual contact. The doll is then able to communicate with its victim via telepathy, uttering a susurrus of wicked intentions and desires, intertwined with compelling arguments of need and superiority.

Understandably, under such contact victims usually go insane quite rapidly. It is through these whispered conversations that the doll bids its victim to carry out evil acts upon those that would threaten its relationship with its host, then upon everyone else. The doll promises great and dark powers to its victims, and many of those possessed manifest terrible supernatural powers themselves.

The doll actually cares little for its victim, concerned only with its own preservation and thirst for destruction. It will arrange transference to a new victim should its current one become troublesome or incapable. This often results in the death of the first victim, typically at the hands of the newcomer. If the former victim survives, it will long remain obsessed with the doll, seeking to regain it and its favor.

A killer doll can only keep one victim possessed at a time, and previous victims (who survive) are easier to reclaim. The only way to permanently remove the hold a killer doll has over its victims, past and present, is to destroy the doll, freeing them all of the doll’s spell. This is not, of course, as easy as it sounds. The killer doll’s supernatural roots reinforce its structure, making it very difficult to directly damage. As if mystical resilience were not enough, there are always the powers it gives to those it possesses, as well as its own compelling gaze. Regardless, a destroyed killer doll frees all its current and past victims from infection.

Special Killer Doll Talents

Contact Domination

Gaze Compulsion

Granted Powers

Ritual of Unmaking

Killer Doll

Ally 1

Primary Attributes
Secondary Attributes
Persuasion 7(3+)
Emotions 4(2)
Staredown 7(3+)
Contact Domination-
Gaze Compulsion-
Robust+2 Health rating
Granted Powers*-
ImmobileCannot walk or move on its own in any way
OverconfidenceNothing can defeat a Killer Doll
* These cannot be used by the Killer Doll but are, instead, gifted to their
current infected victim and is either two Psychic Talents or the Magical
Aptitude Talent and the Sorcer skill at level 4

Possessed Child

Ally 1

Archetype:Enslaved ChildMotivation:Power/Survival
Primary Attributes
Secondary Attributes
Tricks 7(3+)
Sneaking 5(2+)
Skill Aptitude (Con)+2 Skill rating to a specific Skill
Granted Powers*Psychic abilities: Telekinesis and Cloaking
YoungChild or youth
On the surface, this odd child looks like little more than an insular and shy
young individual. Underneath is a monster, mocking the innocence of its
victim. It will use its granted powers with cunning rather than brute force,
tugging and pulling small objects at the right time while hiding in shadow.

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