Ritual of Unmaking

Each killer doll is created in a unique fashion, as dictated by the beliefs and practices of the culture from which it originates. Their creators, for their own protection, usually crafted them with a deliberately instilled vulnerability or weakness that inhibits the doll’s ability to control and dominate, as well as physically damage it if the creator so desired.

The vulnerability is as varied as the means of the doll’creation, but common examples would be immolation with specific woods or herbs, sustained immersion in clean or blessed water, or perhaps something more ephemeral like willful acceptance and forgiveness by a pure soul. In all cases, each round of exposure to this condition would inflict irresistible lethal damage on the killer doll (perhaps 2L per round of exposure). This damage can only be “healed” with time, at the GM’s discretion.

see Killer Doll
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