Prerequisite: Medicine 2, Necromancy 3

You may drain the life force of others to heal your wounds.

Benefit: Using a ritual knife, you must cut a victim (or volunteer, if you can find someone who’s into that kind of thing) and drink the blood from this wound. Doing so allows you to heal 1 lethal wound for each wound inflicted on the victim. If the victim is unrestrained, this requires a successful brawl or grapple touch attack.

Normal: Blood is normally a tasty treat but does not contain any special curative properties.

Advanced: You may take this talent three times. At the second level, the necromancer develops a Bite attack, +0 L, through which the Vampirism may be conducted. At the third level, Vampiric attacks may be carried out as a ranged attack using the Archery skill: 0 L, 30’ range.

see Zombie

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