Wiki Syntax Primer (heading 1, (!)

For your edification and enlightenment (heading 2, !!)

By Imajica, your site admin (Heading 3, !!!)

Headings have to occur at the beginning of the line

Each Wiki has its own variation on Wiki Syntax to get pages displaying properly. Fortunately, this version of TikiWiki also has a very nice editor that means you don’t have to remember it!

However, it’s still good to know what the codes mean...

Formatting ReasonCharacters Used
Bold Text2 Underscores”_”__text__text
Centered Text2 Colons “:”::text::
Colored Text2 Tildes “~”~~blue:text~~text
Italic Text2 Single Quotes “’”‘’text’‘text
Underlined Text3 Equals “=”===text===text
Text BoxOne carat “^”^text^
Plain Textsurrounding np tags~np~__not bold__~/np~__not bold__

For tables such as stat blocks I’ll produce some templates that can be copied...

Feel free to look at the source of this page to see how the effects are created.

  1. List Items (#)

    1. Sub-Item (##)

      1. Sub-sub-item

        1. etc.

  • Bullet point (*)

    • Sub-bullet (**)

      • Sub-sub-bullet

        • etc

More to follow on request. Meanwhile, hard-core Wiki-Coders can find the full reference here: TikiWiki Syntax Documentation
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